Coming Soon…

We’re busy in our various ‘studios’ putting together a new collection of songs and no doubt there will be a rigorous selection process of which ones make it onto our next album. Early days but they’re sounding good so far. In the meantime if you haven’t downloaded or purchased ‘Neon Highway’ then check us out on Bandcamp or stream via Spotify & Apple Music via Songwhip.

Bedroom Cassette Masters

“Sounds like vintage electronica, looks like vintage electronica…” 

36 years after it was recorded our original version of ‘Vertical Plains’  gets a release on Bedroom Cassette Masters Volume 11 on Bandcamp. Featuring a 74 page booklet and running to 20 tracks this looks to be the final volume in this series so we’re more than happy to have snuck in at the end! And we’re in great company too. It’s currently free to download on a ‘pay want you want’ basis and is well worth your support in our opinion. A fine tribute to all those home recordists over 30 years ago.